Hybrid power systems are designed to be installed at fixed locations to offer a power supply in areas without grid connection. This power systems allow to use renewable energy sources like solar energy, batteries for storage and other sources as backup, like gensets.

Desigenia has made a step forward and they have designed an easy transportable system with less weight and smaller containers, solar panels structure prefixed in the container and pre-assembled for its installation in temporary locations.

These temporary hybrid power systems are designed for areas without grid connection, but it will have power grid in a short period of time, because of that it is necessary a temporary solution that it can be transportable.

Desigenia´s Temporary EcoCubes allow to facilitate transport and a quick assembly. Container is totally integrated with all the equipment, racks, batteries, inverters and small genset, with the solar panel structure prefixed above it. Solar panels are pre-assambled in its structure ready to install. The installers just have to put the system in the site, fix the solar panels structure and connect the power system to the telecommunication equipment. We take care of the commissioning before leave the site.

Desigenia also offer the supervision and control system of these kind of solutions during the time that temporary system are installed, allowing to reduce OPEX and logistics costs, controlling remotely all the sites and doing all the preventive and corrective maintenance that are necessary.

Below we show you some pictures of the last installations for a towerCO in Spain.


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