Energy systems with solar power to reduce carbon footprint

To reduce power supply consumption, using renewable energy sources and reduce OPEX costs. 


Fully configurable and customizable: features, components, measures, dimensions, color…

reduce co2

Reduce carbon footprint replacing 24 hours diesel generator by renewable energy systems 


Anti vandalism system. All the components are inside a safe container with electronical and mechanical security measures.


System adaptable to requeriments, space restrictions, locations or power.

Hybrid systems

Our systems are designed for differents sectors and options

Off grid sites

Hybrid system with solar power, batteries and genset for back up. All components inside an anti vandalic container.

sistema autoconsumo


Photovoltaic self-consumption system to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. 

sistemas autónomos de energías renovables

Bad grid sites

Hybrid system with solar power and batteries to improve quality network in sites with network inefficiency or regular cuts.