During may, Desigenia with SME Soluciones, designed, manufactured, integrated and installed news fiber optic containers for Germany. WithIn the Beethoven project from UGG company (formed by Telefonica and Allianz for the optical fibre deployment in Germany), which Desigenia is the main awardee, we have installed new fiber optic distribution systems in Baden-Wurtemberg and Baviera states, we are reaching rural sites in this areas to connect through optical fibre hundreds of homes.

  • Baden-Wurtemberg: installations in Bad Peterstal, a touristic city in the Black Forest. Here is the place where more PoP (Point of Presence) containers we will install, because there are areas with rural tourism without optical fibre connection and we hope that they can enjoy in the next month.
  • Baviera: firsts installations in this state, in Nuremberg, where we have planned new collocations for new fibre deployment and reach thousands of homes.

Beethoven project of UGG company allow to connect more than 2 millions of homes in rural sites through fibre optical with the collocation of these containers fully integrated with distributors, energy systems, air conditioning systems, communications racks to near the fiber optic to anywhere.

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