This year, Desigenia has implemented a hybrid system revamping to modernize power systems, called EcoCubes, to increase solar generation power at the sites and make hybrid energy solutions more efficients.

“Revamping” is the term to name the replacement of photovoltaics systems´ components to make the installations more efficients and improve the service, in addition, revamping help to increase the useful life of the solar system.

Revamping can be done in one or more componentes and in countries with so much solar energy, this upgrade can increase the performance of the systems and correct the limitations of the first design or improve components with new technologies or more efficients desings.

Upgrading hybrid systems means lower opex costs installing new power systems, because the EcoCubes are configurated ad hoc for the sites and they count with all the requirements. Revamping is an adventage for mobile network operators and towercos because it can be integrated into the Energy as a Service business model and reduce upgrade costs and to take adventage of the solar power.

The revamping or modernization of Desigenia´s photovoltaic system has contribuited to generating 12.6kWh per day more than previously generated by installation. This increase in the solar energy generated makes it possible to reduce the operation of diesel generators by 2-3 hours a day. This leads to a reduction in fue use by an average of 5 liters per dey per site. Which means a saving of more than 90 tons of fossil fuels per year.

Within the revamping that has been carried out, the 230Wp photovoltaic modules have been replaced by 440Wp modules, more efficients and with more solar generation capacity.

revamping hybrid system


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