Desigenia has a operation and explotation contract with Vodafone since 2013. After the creation of the Vantage Towers for manage the network infrastructure of Vodafone, Desigenia offer this service of hybrid systems in the sites to Vantage Towers.

CWith this service contract, Vantage Towers and Vodafone are reducing their OPEX costs and maintenance, because Desigenia take care of the power supply of the sites with hybrid solar systems in the off grid base stations with EaaS (Energy as a Service) business model. With this model, company reduce risk relationed with maintenance and network inefficiency, and Desigenia monitored and control all the systems with ARGOS software.

After the signed, Vantage Towers counts with Desigenia to operate the power supply and the off grid sites in the remote base station ro reduce use of diesel generator in more of 50 sites.

Desigenia collaborate with both companies to contribute to reduce carbon footprint and get the goal that they commitment to give mobile and fixed network power supply 100% renewable in 2025.

Below you can find some pictures of our systems for Vantage Towers and Vodafone.ç



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