When a mobile network operator wants to install a energy solutionf for an off grid site, they look for quick deployment systems which reduce installation time to get the best power supply as soon as possible. The standard solution is to install a diesel generator, but in Desigenia we search efficients solutions to reduce carbon footprint and be sustainables. Because of that, we have our EcoCubes, hybrid photovoltaic systems based on a fully integrated container with a solar panels structures prefixed to the container. This solution is easily transportable through trucks and the installation is faster thar other power systems.

But, what happen when we have to install our systems in other countries? The sea transport difficult the logistics of these kind of systems. Desigenia, as an engineering company, has developed the pre-assembled containers, EcoCubes ready to install in the site with separated pieces to facilitate the transport.

This pre-assembled EcoCubes are designed to transport by pieces and mounted in the base telecommunication site, which allows to transport many systems at the same time and deployment quickly in the isolated locations.

Through different steps, the systems is thinked to can be mounted easily. It is an adapted solution based on standard system for difficult access locations wihere is not possible to access with cranes or big trailers.

This system is made with panels and beams, when the container is mounted, the components of the hybrid power system are integrated easily and after thar the security measures and sensors are fixed.

If you are interested in this solution, how you can mounted it or integrated, do not hesitate to contact us and we help you. This pre-assembled container for hybrid power systems allow to reduce logistics costs for the movements of the hybrid photovoltaic systems.



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