Hybrid energy systems for co-location sites allow to supply power grid to many mobile network operators in a same location. Until now, operators should have a power system for its own site, but Desigenia has designed a new efficient solution to have one hybrid power system with a multi-operator AC panel to allow divide consumptions and energy to different operators.

With EaaS business model, Desigenia offer this solution to a tower Company and this company install the hybrid power system and supply the energy to different MNOs. This hybrid power multi operator system allow to control, monitoring and management energy consumption obtaining consume power reports for each operator, so this way, the tower company can offer an independent energy invoice for each company. por cada operador, para poder ofrecer una factura energética independiente a cada compañía.

Desigenia EcoCubes are hybrid photovoltaic systems to allo guarantee a continuous power supply through renewable sources as solar energy, batteries and genset as back up. These systems allow to improve quality service and avoid the cuts or falls of the service, improving KPIs and SLAs with our operation and maintenance service, included in our OPEX business model.

With hybrid energy systems for co-location sites, it is possible install one only power system in a co-location site where there are 2 or more mobile network operators installed, allowing to get energy from the same photovoltaic system efficiently.

With Desigenia´s control software out technicians can monitoring de site remotely and knowing the real status of all the components of the power system to avoid incidents and know the real consumption for each operator connected.



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