modular & flexible

Solutions designed according to requirements totally configurable and customizable

Service quality

Solutions to improve network efficiency and improve SLAs and KPIs

energy efficiency

Systems desigend to reduce carbon footprint with renewable energy sources


All our systems are monitored 24/7 by our technicals for a total control of the network

About us

Company specialized in  energy services

We offer energy services through photovoltaic systems for self-consumption or off grif sites. This service reduce OPEX costs and guarantee quality service reducing risks relationed with maintenance and network inefficiency.

Our services


Energy service with EaaS (Energy as a Service) business model and OPEX model for off grid site


Turnkey projects. Plug&play solutions with transport and installation anywhere.


Operation and maintenance included. We offer this service in all our solutions in any country.


Anti vandalic measures in all our systems with electronical and mechanical security measures and control 24/7.


Desigenia has international presence with delegations and representative and partners.


POP container for fiber optic deployments

Project for UGG in Germany for rural and urban fiber optic deployment

Hybrid systems for off grid sites

Photovoltaic systems for remote telecommunication sites for differentes mobile network operators and towercos

Hybrid system with LPG

Projecto with REPSOL GLP in Spain for an hybrid system with solar and gas in a off grid site

Cell on wheels for Orange

Mobile cell sites for emergencies or big events to increase network capacity

Self-generation system

Self-consumption system for base telecommunication site of Telefonica 


Renewable Trigeneration Project with Solar, Geothermal and Hydrogen co-financed by FEDER and the Ministry of Sciences and Innovation

Last news

Hybrid energy systems for co-location sites allow to supply power grid to many mobile network operators in a same location. Until now, operators should have a power system for its own site, but Desigenia has designed a new efficient solution to have one hybrid power system […]
Last years the free-cooling systems has been popularized because these take advantage of the difference temperature between both environments to cool one of them. With this efficient air flow management, energy and economical costs can be saved, what suppose a benefit for the company who install […]
EaaS Desigenia
Energy as a Service (EaaS) is a pay-per-use model where end costumers only pay for the service received, instead the phisical product or the infrastructure that provides the service. In this case, the technlogy provider install and operating the equipment and recover the costs through a […]

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