fiber optic container

Desigenia with SME Soluciones have designed a modular and flexible system for fiber optic deployments.

The FiberCube is a distribution container for fiber optic nodes in rural or semi-rural areas. In response to the multiple fiber optic network deployments in rural and urban environments, a modular and vandal-proof system has been designed consisting of a 10 or 20 foot container depending on the configurations and requirements that allows the installation of active OLT equipment, distributors of optical fibers, monitoring systems and other configurable equipment according to projects.

The FiberCube is a fully integrated solution with a power, air conditioning and monitoring system. It also has the possibility of having an energy self-generation system using solar energy and batteries or with an energy system using a generator set.

As all Desigenia solutions are customizable and configurable, if you are looking for a comfortable and versatile solution for fiber optic deployments in rural areas, do not hesitate to contact us. Here you can see a project for the deployment of these containers for fiber optic nodes in Germany.


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