EaaS Desigenia

Energy as a Service (EaaS) is a pay-per-use model where end costumers only pay for the service received, instead the phisical product or the infrastructure that provides the service. In this case, the technlogy provider install and operating the equipment and recover the costs through a regular fee from the customer.

EaaS contract is an intelligent business model which alllow offer energy as a service, saving costs and making energy management more flexible.

This service model allow to choice between different options for the costumer, providing saving costs and the use of renewable energies sources to improve efficiency in the installations. With this method the operator pay a fixed maintenance and service fee instead of pay for the product, being a more flexible and personalized model, adapted to the operator and sites. Beside, with EaaS business model, Desigenia offers other services add, such as security, alarms and 24/7 supervision, regular maintenances, upgrades, etc.

Energy as a Service contract allow to take the control of the power supply and obtain guaranteed results, overcoming three challenges: costs, availability and reliability in the power supply and reduction of CO₂. emissions with the use of renewable energies.

At the following image you can observe the main adventages of the EaaS model:

eaas business model

Desigenia has implanted the Energy as a Service business model with big companies taking care of the operation and maintenance of the power supply in base telecommunication stations in Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Chile. The companies, as a Desigenia partners, have delved in the energy and supply management, combining industry knowledge and seeking new ways to save costs.

Desigenia offers this service for the energy supply replacing diesel generator for hybrid power systems in off grid sites to improve the quality service and reduce the carbon footprint.

At the following image you can observe some services and adventages included in Desigenia EaaS business model:

eaas desigenia business model

In the following article, Telefónica says how EaaS with Desigenia is allowing to implement renewable energies solutions for the company.


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