sistema fotovoltaico con baterías

The first semester of the year, Desigenia has intalled 35 temporary hybrid photovoltaic systems for base telecommunication stations of a huge towerCo in Spain.

This hybrid power systems have features what differentiates from the other power systems that Desigenia usually install for other mobile network operators or towerCos. These hybrid photovoltaic systems are smaller and with prefixed infrastructures to facilitate the deployment and installation.

Those EcoCubes, are not made with a 10 ft containers, but the are made 100% with galvanized steel sheet, painted and mounted in our partner SME Soluciones manufacturer. These containers are designed to be integrated in the base telecommunication station, for that the have removable pieces to facilitate the transport and deployment.

Beside of the container features, the back up generator is reduce and with less power beacuse this kind of temporary stations require less power. The solar panel structure is prefixed with 10 photovoltaic modules for his quick installation in the site. The number of batteries strings depend of power and site demand.

Those hybrid solar systemas allow to facilitate the deployment for MNOs and towerCos and have a reliable system saving OPEX and energy costs.



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