In 2021, Desigenia has installed 25 PoP (Point of Presence) nodes for fiber optic deployment inthe state of Baden-Wurtember, Germany. These infrastructures are part of the Beethoven project of Unsere Grüne Glasfaser (UGG) company formed by Telefónica and Allianz for the fiber optic deployment in rural and semi-rural areas in Germany.

The project´s goal is to bring the fiber optic to more than 2 millions of homes in less populated areas in several german states. This year, the deployment of this PoP containers will begin in Hesse, continuing with companies objetitives and commitments.

The latest fiber optic containers, named PoP nodes (Point of Presence node), have been installed in Black Forest to bring service to less populated locations.

PoP systems for fiber optic nodes

PoP are fully integrated containers for fiber optic deployment. These systems allow to install in one point a total integrated system housing all the necessary components in one unique container. These infrastructures are outdoor containers with water and impact protection according to the established European standars.

Components of Desigenia FiberCube container included ODF distribuitors frames, OLT racks,,, telecommunication racks and power system equipment racks. Also, the system has wiring management cabling and efficient air conditioning system through free-cooling.

Here you can see some images of the latest systems installed in Germany


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