Hybrid energy systems for co-location sites allow to supply power grid to many mobile network operators […]
Last years the free-cooling systems has been popularized because these take advantage of the difference temperature […]
EaaS Desigenia
Energy as a Service (EaaS) is a pay-per-use model where end costumers only pay for the […]
sistema fotovoltaico con baterías
The first semester of the year, Desigenia has intalled 35 temporary hybrid photovoltaic systems for base […]
In 2021, Desigenia has installed 25 PoP (Point of Presence) nodes for fiber optic deployment inthe […]
energía zonas rurales
During the pandemic, many people migrate to rurals areas to avoid the crowds of the big […]
This year, Desigenia has implemented a hybrid system revamping to modernize power systems, called EcoCubes, to […]